Fixing Common Issues

Crashing Issues

All Platforms
Game crashes can be caused by a damaged game install. Try redownloading the game or verifying your game files through Steam.

All Platforms
If you are using an AMD Radeon Series card listed here, then you may be experiencing frequent crashes. This is due to the card no longer being supported by the manufacturer and is no longer providing active updates to address changes in software / operating system design.

A potential workaround to this issue is to render the game in OpenGL mode with the following startup argument: -force-glcore
Instructions for setting up a startup argument via Steam can be found here.

If you haven't recently, updating or reinstalling your video card drivers might help some crashing issues.

In some cases damaged system or DirectX files can cause crashes. Info about scanning and repairing system files is available here.

Ensure you have the frequency of the headset set to 48,000 Hz as shown here.

All Platforms
High memory usage can cause a crash. Try closing background programs, lowering the game resolution or restarting your computer.

All Platforms
If the game is still crashing, send us an output log file and any info about what you did before the crash.

Linux: Dependencies

If you are having trouble launching the game or don't hear any audio try installing the following libraries / packages (32-bit versions):

sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6 libgtk2.0-0:i386 libsdl2.2.0-0:i386

Example Install (may need modification based on specific OS):

Or you can always build them from source!

Also ensure you have 32-bit versions of your graphic card drivers installed!

Windows: Dependencies

If you are having trouble launching the game or don't hear any audio try installing the following libraries:

DirectX (June 2010) End-User Runtime:

  • Uncheck the "Set MSN as your default homepage and Bing as your default search engine" option

  • Download and install normally

VC++ 2013 Redistributable:

  • Select vcredist_x86.exe when downloading

  • Some users have reported that vcredist_x64.exe may also be necessary on some setups

Audio Issues

If you have no audio, check that the above dependencies are installed. Otherwise, see here.

Linux: Mouse/Input Issues


Try adding the following before the launch command: