The Colonial Union

Year zero of the Union Era marked an end to a war-stricken age. The founding of the Colonial Union created stability, joining the remaining survivors of the Old Wars under the protection of one political body. The Colonial Union now spans across numerous galaxies, and operates as a multispecies administration with a focus on exploration and diplomacy. Its officers work to enforce Colonial Union law, as well as voyage to outlying galaxies—scouting for new planets, species and allies. Over the millennia, the Colonial Union has seen some of the finest captains and spacefarers pass through its ranks, and its officers continually strive for intergalactic unification and discovery. As it was said in the founding statement of the Colonial Union, ‘Together, we survive.’


The W.D. Corporation

The Wolden-Dorf Corporation is one of the most powerful intergalactic organizations, second only to the Colonial Union itself. Established in 5 UE, the W.D. Corporation is now the biggest producer of advanced weaponry to date. It owns the largest private fleet intergalactically, as well as a vast majority of tritium mining facilities. Because of its uncompromising tendencies and persistent evasion of the law, W.D. has been the instigator of countless conflicts over the years. The Colonial Union has also hounded down the Corporation for decades due to reports of unethical working conditions and unusually high casualty rates among its laborers, but all attempts at bringing the offenses to light have failed. W.D. continues to expand its empire, forcing itself to the forefront of discovery for the sake of profit above all else.


The Alliance of Gentlemen

No one knows how or when the Alliance was founded. Some speculate it flourished from a group of Colonial Union exiles who formed their own underground society. Others say it came about naturally from a network of criminals, working together to turn a profit in the black market. Wherever its origins are rooted, the Alliance of Gentlemen has accrued a massive following over the centuries, its activities spreading to multiple galaxies. With a community comprised of freelancers, outlaws, and seedy individuals of all kinds, the Alliance operates and profits outside of Colonial Union jurisdiction. Although its members may act upon their own moral compasses, Gentlemen are most notorious for hijacking ships and plundering valuable cargo. However, no one has been able to pinpoint a center of Alliance operations. As such, the Alliance of Gentlemen has become nearly impossible to dismantle, and its members continue to roam the galaxies as they see fit.


The Fluffy Biscuit Company

In 3102 UE, the Fluffy Biscuit Company was first established as a wholesome biscuit delivery service with one goal: to spread warm, buttery biscuits across the reaches of space. Over the years, the company's business skyrocketed, and its signature biscuits rapidly became an intergalactic sensation. To  accommodate for the tremendous rise in demand, Fluffy Biscuit Co. acquired a fleet of delivery ships fitted with advanced food replicators, and now caters to the cravings of billions of customers on a regular basis. Fluffy Biscuit has since expanded its selection of biscuits, inventing countless new varieties and sizes. However, its most popular product still remains—the original fluffy biscuit.


The Polytechnic Federation