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We are currently working on Beta 14.2

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Roadmap (outdated, will be updated soon) 

To help illustrate the progress of the game, we've made some simple progress bars for a few main areas of development. Below each bar, there is a simple description of what the area encompasses. The charts below are outdated and we are working on overhauling this page in the near future.


Core Systems

The core systems of PULSAR include all of the major mechanics for the various screens and menus that the crew utilizes on their journey.

Some of these core systems are listed below:
Multiplayer networking, various video and game settings, status screen, teleport screen, ship claiming, various piloting and camera modes, reactor screen, auxiliary reactor screen, jump computer screen, coolant screen, fuel, distress signals, reactor core safety / meltdown, ship startup sequence, ship computer, virus screen, Atrium system / crew death, ship turrets, nuclear devices, gun-play, ship components, repair / trading / warp stations, NPC dialogue, missions and objectives, galaxy starmap, personal inventory, crew level and talent points, dynamic galaxy / galaxy chaos, persistent ship data, game saves, seamless warp travel, planets, ship programs, personal flight pack, ship-to-ship combat, sector commanders, creatures.

Several of these core systems are quite early and will be improved over the course of development.

Content creation

Nearly all of the content in PULSAR will rely on a multitude of the core systems. Because of this, we decided to wait until most of those systems are in place before implementing a lot of the game's content. The amount of content will grow much faster as we shift gears into content creation during the start of Beta.

Some of the content we have so far:
17 planets to visit, some of which hold numerous random variations
5 playable starting ships
1 player hub
8 missions
2 sector commanders

AI - (Crew Bots and Enemies)

AI is a massive job that will likely take a while to fully flesh out. From crew AI with customizable priorities and a contextualized order system, to being able to follow the crew down to planets and stations and assist in meaningful ways, AI will need a lot time and work to fully develop and tweak. We are up to the task however, and we hope to spend the appropriate amount of time cultivating this system to be the best it can be while we also work on content creation during the Beta phase. Having versatile AI is very important to us, since improvements to this single system benefit the crew AI as well as the challenge of an enemy crew.


Polish is an important part of the process. While we try to add a bit of polish here and there when we build the core systems, a lot of the work will be done later in development with helpful feedback from the community and continual play-testing.