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Game Progress (updated May 2017)


PULSAR is nearly feature-complete. We still have some plans for a few new ship systems and some changes to existing mechanics to add extra gameplay depth.

A few notable exceptions at this time:
-LAN Support
-Multiple languages
-The Academy (Tutorial / Training)

Some of these features are listed below:
Multiplayer networking, various video and game settings, status screen, teleport screen, ship claiming, various piloting and camera modes, reactor screen, auxiliary reactor screen, jump computer screen, coolant screen, fuel, distress signals, reactor core safety / meltdown, ship startup sequence, ship computer, virus screen, Atrium system / crew death, ship turrets, nuclear devices, gun-play, ship components, repair / trading / warp stations, NPC dialogue, missions and objectives, galaxy starmap, personal inventory, crew level and talent points, dynamic galaxy / galaxy chaos, persistent ship data, game saves, seamless warp travel, planets, ship programs, personal flight pack, ExoSuits, ship-to-ship combat, sector commanders, creatures, ship hailing / diplomacy / intimidation / extortion, virtual reality support, voice chat, research, AI priority system, component extraction / ship salvaging, contraband, blind jump, faction reputation system, ship flagging, hidden cargo and ship inspections.


Nearly all of the content in PULSAR will rely on a multitude of the core systems. Because of this, we decided to wait until most of those systems are in place before implementing a lot of the game's content. The amount of content is growing much faster now that we are in Beta.

Some of the content we have so far:
55+ planets to visit
40+ space scenarios
400+ NPCs with dialogue
7 playable starting ships
6 major hubs
65+ missions
3 sector commanders

AI - (Crew Bots and Enemies)

PULSAR’s AI systems are nearly complete on a feature level but still require a few new behaviors, polish, balance and bug fixing. PULSAR allows Captains to customize how their AI crew behaves to meet your playstyle. AI can be customized in-game and can dynamically update to your changes during the game. Even without modifying the AI priorities you should find them useful in a variety of situations including space and ground combat.


As we make progress on the feature set we have also been working on polish and general quality of life improvements. We still have more to do here, polish takes time!