General Galaxy Information

This section will cover more general topics, as well as touch on the ship component system.

Ship Components

The Ship Component System allows players to peek inside and assess every major component that runs their ship. Each one of these components can be removed and replaced. Managing and installing better components will greatly improve the ship as a whole. The Captain is in charge of purchasing and installing components. Players can view the currently installed ship components via the Esc key.

DEV NOTES: Certain components do not yet have an effect on the ship. More components are coming in future updates!

Hovering over a specific component with your cursor will bring up a tooltip illustrating the properties, level, a short description and other important qualities. These attributes will vary based on the type of component you are viewing.

Purchasing and selling components can be done through a Trading Station. Once you locate a Trading Station, use the TAB menu and click “Comms”. From here, you be able to view the Trading Station and can purchase and sell within the trading window. You can install components in your cargo through the “Install Components” window offered by both the Trading Station and Repair Depot.



The Repair Depot has the ability to repair any hull damage your ship may have acquired during your voyages. In order to repair the hull, the Pilot must first maneuver the ship into center of the repairing station.

The Engineer can then disable the ship’s shields by pulling the far right lever on the Switchboard in the engineering room. See the “Ship Startup Sequence” for more details.

After the shields are disabled, the Captain can choose an option for repair via the Comms tab in the TAB menu.


The Long Range Warp Station is a quick and efficient way to traverse long distances that far outreach the standard warp drive.

No fuel is needed to jump using a Warp Station, instead the crew is required to pay a toll.

Using the Comms tab, you can direct the station to line up with one of the connecting stations. Once the station is fully aligned it will activate and a warp portal will open. The pilot simply needs to fly into the portal to finish the transaction. You can refund the transaction and realign the station before you fly into it if necessary.

The Colonial Union Hub

The Colonial Union Hub is a large station located in Sector 0 of the galaxy. The station itself is called Outpost 448 and is one of many galactic hubs run by the Colonial Union. Here crews can find merchants willing to trade. They can also accept missions and learn more information about the galaxy itself by talking to NPCs.


Dialogue and NPCs

You can approach any NPC in the hub and initiate a dialogue with them by pressing “R”.

Most will have something quick to say, but some can be a vast resource of information.

Some NPCs are merchants willing to sell and buy items to support their businesses.

To trade with NPC merchants, start a dialogue and click on the trade option to open the trading menu. The trading menu is very similar to the ship components trading menu, except this menu deals with personal inventory items.

Keep in mind that if you are not the Captain, your funds will be limited to the crew spending pool. Remember to be considerate of others and verify with the rest of the crew before making a big purchase.

Character Customization

This system is pretty straightforward, go to the esc menu and click on “Customize Appearance”.

From there you’ll be able to choose from a number of detail options! When happy with the result, you can click “back” and continue playing the game. The settings should save for both male and female variants, so next time you start the game you won’t have to recreate the look you had last time.